Is Mother’s Day a Fail for Mom?

photo by Terri Cnudde



Breakfast in bed with tea on a tray,

Kisses and cards and a lovely bouquet,

Sweetness and cuddles and “Mom, you’re the best!”

Being pampered and coddled – what a lovely day of rest!


Ah, the dreams that we have for that day of the year

That oft times aren’t realized by those we hold dear.

Sometimes it’s a hit –  and sometimes it’s a miss

When our dreams fade away into sweet-nothing bliss.


At the end of the day, what matters most

Is you are the mom your children need most.

So every day is Mother’s day

‘Cause home is not home when Mom is away.


Seize moments, make memories – give it all that you’ve got!

Sometimes you’re amazing – and sometimes you are not.

Don’t measure your worth by the breakfast in bed,

For the souls of your children are your crowning head.


The things they’ll remember aren’t pompous and grand;

Yet when they were scared, you were holding their hand.

Those little accomplishments made you so proud;

Your cheers were the greatest, the best in the crowd.


The feel of belonging, the fragrance of home

The nights you stayed near so they were not alone.

The favorites you fixed, the stories you told,

The piece of your heart, no matter how old.


The things that you say when you’re scolding or blessing;

The way that you have of getting a confessing.

The joys that you cherish, the songs that you sing

And the way you embellish the best you can bring.


One day your littles will be grown and mature,

Appreciating the things their mom did, for sure.

When your place is empty (and so is your home),

They will forever miss you because you are gone.






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