I Cleaned My Hubby’s Shoes Today



I cleaned my hubby’s shoes today

Wrought with mud and dirt and filth

And while I cleaned and scrubbed and scraped

I thought of all my wealth.

He’s always on the go –  and though

He tracks mud from outside in

I’m not ashamed to own his name

Or claim that I am his.

Now, I could fuss and fret and stew –

Demand he takes off his shoes

Whenever he enters in the house

(to save work for me to do.)

But I choose instead to wipe the marks

Left by his work-worn feet;

Pick up the grime, sweep off the dirt

It’s my pleasure – and it is sweet.


One day those feet will work no more –

 (I might not miss the dirt!)

But I will miss what it will mean

When my man is no longer at work.

And though the dirt can be a pain,

Yep! I grimace with distain

At what is etched on those muddy shoes

From plumbing and sewage stains!

Now, you might not agree with me

Your standards don’t have to be mine

Yet this is how I choose to live

With the man that I call mine.

He gives, and gives, and gives some more

That for me to take the time

To clean  his shoes from all the dirt

Says, “I’m so glad you’re mine.”

I used to fret and fuss and stew

At the extra work it caused

Until I thought how life could be –

Then I changed my cleaning “laws”.

So when I’m scraping and washing,

Using tools of many kinds,

I’m simply saying, “I love you,

and I’m so glad you’re mine.”

I’m blessed beyond all measure,

I’ve a wealth that cannot be bought

Because the giant man who wears these shoes

Loves me with all his heart.



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  1. Nicely put; too bad we may feel like complaining -while we love that we are so graciously loved by our good man!!

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