How Women are Like Eggs

women are like eggsWomen and eggs

It’s true. Let me explain. A woman is wired for gentleness and tenderness. Yet, no woman respects a man who is a pushover. That’s why a woman also needs a man who can be firm. Women are like eggs: they have to be handled gently, but firmly.

This idea is not original with me and it was around a long time before the Women are like spaghetti or Women are from Venus ideas came to be. These books explain how men and women are different and yet alike.

We are alike because we are created in the image of God. We are different as a result of our chromosomes. This difference manifests itself in significant ways: physically, psychologically, and emotionally. Spiritually, we are on an equal plane with men because the ground is level at the Cross. 

women are like eggsWomen are like eggs

The fiction book I read as a teenager used this description when the young husband teaches his wife how to cook. “Women are like eggs,” he says. Then he explains, “They have to be handled gently, but firmly.”

Eggs are powerful. They are packed with protein and antioxidants. Eggs also improve vision and sharpen the brain. Eggs can lower your triglycerides and decrease your chance of a stroke. That’s how women are like eggs. Women are powerful. 

women are like eggsHandle gently

We are also vulnerable. We’ve all learned the hard way not to be too rough with an egg. An egg will smash quickly when hands tighten the grip. When an egg  is dropped, it splatters.  A crushed egg will break. Therefore an egg must to be handled gently to preserve its quality. Women are like eggs and must be handled gently. We are strong. We are packed with a punch and we are powerful. Yet, we must be handled gently so our spirits are nurtured.

women are like eggsHandle firmly

We have learned the hard way to be firm handling eggs. If we are not careful enough, an egg can drop out of our hands and splatter. An egg needs shelter to protect it from coming apart. Shelter provides protection during transportation and movement for distribution. Eggs piled on top of each other are not protected by firmness and they will shatter. Women are like eggs and need to be handled firmly. There is nothing more unsettling for a woman than to not feel that protection of firmness from her spouse or her father. Firmness is not roughness or rigidity. Nor is firmness using force or power to get what a man wants. Firmness provides guidance, structure, and protection. A woman who can push her husband by manipulation is not protected. A woman whose spouse does not provide firmness is not protected.

Women and eggs

Women are like eggs. We must be handled gently, but firmly. Women are packed with a punch that’s missing in men. We are most powerful when we are handled gently and firmly. Ask me how I know.

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