like an intersection

How Marriage is like an Intersection

like an intersectionLike an intersection.

Marriage is like an intersection. When a person travels on a road, he eventually comes to an intersection. At that point, he chooses which way he will go. He can continue on the same road, or he can journey on the road that intersects with the one on which he travelled.
An intersection is “a point at which two or more things intersect, especially roads.”  And “a point or line common to lines or surfaces that intersect.”
Two roads coming from two different places connect and continue on together. That’s why GPS often lists two different names or numbers for the same road. To get to point C, points A and B connect and travel together to point C. Two roads become one road.
A marriage is a union of two different people – or roads. Each road comes from a different location, station, and culture. Yet, when these two roads meet and continue together, an intersection occurs. Just like a marriage.

The road less travelled

Following the “intersection” or marriage, the roads continue together as one road. That is how marriage is like an intersection. We know what happens when there are detours or mudslides that take out the road. There’s trouble, friction, and conflict. The purpose of a detour is to get the traveler back on the same road by taking a side road around the detour or the washed-out surface. The goal is remain on the course taking us in the same direction. Getting off course in marriage happens, but we need to stay focused on that detour, follow the signs and stay the course so we can get back on track.

Every marriage has struggles. Some struggles are harder than others. We bring to our marriages different road surface content, different hills and valleys. Some of us have crossed rivers or deserts to arrive at that intersection. Others have climbed mountains and crossed rocky crevices to arrive at the intersection. We bring our past with us. Yet, that does not change the goal of marriage or the purpose of marriage. The road to a long, endearing marriage is often a different and less popular one than other roads that teach a person “I deserve to be happy”. The Biblical blueprint of marriage calls for our commitment to a different goal.

all the difference

In speaking of two roads diverging in a yellow wood, Robert Frost said, ” . . . and I – I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference.” Frost’s poem can be taken literally or figuratively. He plans, as he looks forward to selecting his path in the future, to recognize that the road he chooses makes all the difference.

That’s how it is in marriage, just like an intersection. How we choose and who we choose makes all the difference. That’s because the person we choose affects how our road and our world turns.

It’s important that we choose the right road so we do not regret the destination. It’s important that we merge well at our intersection in marriage so we can travel on together.

This is how marriage is like an intersection; we continue on together to reach our final destination. We follow the Atlas and stay on course until we are finally Home – in Heaven.

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