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Homemade Tortillas and Quesadillas

Store-bought or homemade

I used to purchase tortillas in the grocery store.  Not anymore! This recipe is the bomb. I texted a friend who was visiting friends in Texas. In a few minutes, she had sent me a recipe for homemade tortillas.

“I don’t usually use a recipe, but this looks like what I make,” she said.

The Tortillas

It comes from the cookbook Savour Belize and the author is Mrs. Zelah Kropf.

There are no directions for this recipe, so I had to text Anna again and ask her what to do after I’d mixed the dough.

This recipe is so easy and such fun to make. The dough texture is great to work with. You can pat the tortillas out into a circle or roll them out with a rolling pin.  Anna said she pats her tortillas into a circle, but we used a rolling pin.

You’ll need flour, baking powder, salt, shortening (vegetable oil), and water.  The directions call for shortening, so I had to text Anna again to ask her what she uses.  Vegetable oil it is.

Mix your dry ingredients, then add the wet ingredients.

Use a little flour or cornmeal to roll them out. To fry the tortillas, spray a skillet and fry for about 30 seconds per side.  This photo shows one tortilla on our Cook-n-Dine.

The Quesadillas

Chop your onions, shallots, and peppers.  Add mushrooms and saute.

To make your quesadillas, you’ll need refried beans, shredded cheese, mushrooms, onions, peppers, shallots and/or onions, bacon (fried and crumbled), beef, chicken, or any other meat you’d like to add.

Place refried beans on half of your tortilla, then add the toppings of your choice.  Fold the other half over your toppings, and fry, flipping over when one side is browned and the cheese is melted.

In this photo, you can see my Cook-n-Dine.  On it, we fried the tortillas, sauteed the vegetables, and then fried the quesadillas (which is why it looks so well-used.)

Serve your quesadilla with salsa and/or sour cream or yogurt.


The recipe for homemade tortillas

Homemade Tortillas and Quesadillas

My Windowsill
A simple, easy recipe for homemade tortillas and directions for quesadillas as well.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Dinner
Cuisine Belizian
Servings 18 -20


  • 6 cups flour
  • 6 tsp. baking powder
  • 3/4 shortening vegetable oil
  • 3 tsp. salt
  • 2 cups water more or less to make a soft dough


  • Mix dry ingredients together (flour, baking powder, and salt)
  • Add shortening and water
  • Divide into 18-20 pieces
  • Roll or pat each piece into a circle, using flour if dough is sticky
  • Using high heat, spray a skillet and fry tortilla, approximately 30 minutes per side
  • The dough can also be rolled into balls and put into a bag or tightly covered container
  • Store in the refrigerator for use later that day.
  • Take dough out of the refrigerator 10-20 minutes before you are ready to fry them so they can warm to room temperature.

Note: This is a repost for 7 years ago. 

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