grace leads me home

Grace That Leads Me Home

grace leads me homeLike a river –

Grace is a gift from God, “free, totally unexpected and undeserved.”

This attribute is not just intermittent spurts of water out of a fountain. It’s a never-ending river, flowing on and on and on. There is always enough, and the river never runs dry.

This is not something I earn. It is a gift, and it’s eternal. This attribute is not based on what I have done or who I am. Its basis is Who God is. Grace is divine favor.

This favor is what takes me through life, and it is what gives me power to be the person I am called to be. This power enables me to live above and beyond what is humanly possible. It leads me all the way through until I reach Home.

When I think I just can’t proceed, I can. When I don’t have the strength to respond correctly, I can get it right when I am willing to grasp grace. Even when emotions overwhelm me and I feel neglected or betrayed, I can overcome because God has more than enough in His storehouse. All I need to do is ask and grasp.

. . . that flows on and on

The Grace of God is sufficient because God is enough. It keeps and preserves.

The same Grace that kept Jesus on the cross when He could have called twelve legions (36,000-72,000) of angels to bring Him off that cross is available to me and to you. I have a hard time wrapping my mind around that fact, especially when life is hard. That same Grace that enabled Jesus to learn obedience by the things He suffered is available to each one of us. All we have to do is ask and open ourselves to receive.

His Grace is sufficient. It is enough.

grace leads me homeand brings me safely Home

We will never make it Home without grace. The favor of God can rest on us as we journey toward Home. It enables us to follow, to endure, and to keep our focus on our goal. This attribute will lead us safely Home.

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