God’s Pitch Does Not Change – He is Always the Same


“Mom!” he hollered. “You missed my bat again!”

I smiled at the small child who wanted desperately to make that ball and bat meet. Each swing brought another defeat. Either the ball was too high or too low. It was all my fault, of course.

Little matter that he was the one whose bat was too high or too low. To him, the problem was the pitcher, not the batter.

I (the mom and the pitcher) knew better. The problem wasn’t me. It was really the small pint-size batter. He wasn’t as big and tough as he tried to appear. Even when I sent the ball straight across home plate, his swing was too slow or too low.

Yet his reasoning was that if he could just blame it on the pitcher, then his weakness would not appear so great.

That’s when it hit me, like a line drive. How often I’ve tried to make God’s Word change to meet me where I’m swinging the bat.

I holler, “God, You’ve missed again!”

The ball is not intended to meet the bat. The bat (swung by the batter) is to be swung to meet the ball.

That’s the goal, the purpose of the pitch, the ball, and the batter.

‘Trouble is, we expect the ball to meet us where we want it to be.

God doesn’t do that. When others change, He changes not. When others let me down, His pitch remains the same.


I’m really acknowledging that I want Him to change to suit my style and my preferences. I’m not about to make that bat/ball connection because my swing can’t meet His ball. Three strikes and I’ve stuck out. Again.

Yet God’s Word is the same. It always has been. Always will be.

When relationships flounder, when finances fluctuate, when health fails, He does not change. His promises stay the same. Every single day. Every single time.

Yesterday (first base).

Today (second base).

Tomorrow (third base)

Forever (grand-slam Home Run.)

He does not change.  He will not change. He cannot change because He is the great I AM.

His pitch does not change. Forever and always, it comes right across the home plate. He doesn’t miss, and He doesn’t change.

Forever and always, He is the great I AM.

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To listen to the song “Yesterday, Today, Forever, Jesus is the Same,” click on the link below.

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