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freedomFreedom is

Our friend is behind bars, and will be for some time. According to today’s standards, he’s not free, except that he is. Today he is more free than he has ever been in his life.

Freedom is not the ability to choose what satisfies. It is the ability to choose well. Freedom is not the right to do what I want, but the power to do what I ought. When we make choices based on fact (Truth), we experience freedom.

Too often we are blinded by half-truth or false information that appears legitimate, but isn’t. Too often we listen to other voices instead of going to the Source of Truth. Many times we follow the voice of the crowd instead of the voice of Truth.

Truth is 

Jesus is the Way, the TRUTH, and the Life. Scripture tell us that we will know the Truth, and the Truth will set us free. Truth is what is real and what is correct. The Truth of Jesus sets us free. When we wrap ourselves up in Him, we become free.

When you are tempted to believe something, ask yourself first, Is this truth? Instead of allowing yourself to be swayed by popular vote, common practice, and what is “legal”, ask yourself, Is this real Truth?

Freedom and Truth go hand in hand. Without truth, there is bondage. Where there is freedom, Truth is present. 

freedomFinding Truth – and Freedom

Our friend found Truth and today he is free, even though he is behind bars. He will tell you that.

For too long, our society has based freedom on the ability to do what a person desires. We’ve thought that getting rid of old-fashioned ideas and ways brings freedom. We’ve determined (wrongfully) that constraints stifle us and that a person has a right to be happy. The fallacy of that line of thinking for the Child of God is that we’re not called to be happy;  we are called to be holy.

Our friend is learning what it means to stay anchored in Truth  and pursue holiness. When we pursue holiness, we find happiness. We also find Truth and, in finding Truth, we find Jesus. In finding Jesus, we are free. That’s what our friend tells us today. He is behind bars, but he is free because He found Jesus.

Now he gets to share his story with other inmates. In what he once thought was freedom, he made his own choices. Instead of living in freedom, he was living in bondage. When he met Jesus, the Savior removed those chains of bondage and set him free. He is behind bars, but he’s free. That’s holy, freedom living.

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