Every Team Needs a Third Base Coach

third base coachoutfield to third base coach

“You will never be able to run again,” Dr. Sparks told Dave. 

“Oh, but I have to run,” Dave replied. “You don’t understand. I’m an outfielder!”

Dr. Sparks leaned in to Dave, put his hand on his shoulder, and said, “Every team needs a third base coach.”

Dr. Sparks was right. Dave has not been able to run since his fall in August of 2004. His shattered heels healed, but the effects remain. He can run, but it’s not pretty, and he looks more like a duck than a man when he runs.

Changing focus from field to coach

When you can no longer play outfield, you can still coach. Every team needs a third base coach. When you can no longer run or hit the ball, you can coach. Life experience helps us coach. No matter our age or our health, we have life experiences that can lend advice and encouragement to those who are coming behind us.

When your manager tells you it’s time to quit running, then coach. There is no reason to be put out to pasture. When you can no longer play outfield,  be a third base coach. No matter your fears or failures, there is always time and a place to play ball.

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