Chicken and Broth: the How To
Recipe type: Main
Cuisine: American
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Make your own chicken broth by cooking your own meet and saving the broth. It's worth ever bit of effort, which is really minimal.
  • Chicken - bone in preferred, with fat pieces attached; whatever amount you want
  • Water - enough to cover if doing it on stove top. Follow directions for pressure canner, pressure cooker, and Instant pot
  • Salt and Pepper - several Tablespoons, as desired
  • Onion - optional; cut up and diced
  1. If using a kettle on top of the stove, place chicken into container and cover with water
  2. Add onion and seasonings as desired
  3. Cook until meat falls off the bones
  4. Drain, saving all liquid
  5. When cool to handle, remove meat from the bones
  6. Continue to cool the meat
  7. Return bones and fat (optional) to kettle with more water
  8. Cook until all bones are completely stripped of meat
  9. Strain again and let cool
  10. Once cool, place chicken and broth in separate containers
  11. Freeze or can the broth
  12. Freeze chicken in freezer bags
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