Doing What’s Right = No Fear

It’s been years since that summer – the one I got three speeding tickets in a short time. (Yes, Dave paid every single one of them and didn’t bat an eye.) Just seeing a patrol car after that had me hitting my breaks without even checking my speedometer! I used to laugh at other folks who constantly checked their rear-view mirrors for police cruisers, but now I understood why.

Since then, my philosophy has been, “If I’m keeping the speed limit, I don’t need to be afraid.” Blue lights flashing in my rear-view mirror will be meant for someone else if I’m keeping the law.

That’s how it is in other areas of my life. Doing what is right brings release from fear.

If I’m obeying the traffic laws, I won’t be afraid of receiving a ticket. If I’m not sexually active outside of marriage, I won’t worry about pregnancy or diseases. If I’m faithful in my marriage, I won’t be concerned about accusations. If I’m honest and attentive on the job, I won’t feel stressed about my yearly evaluation. If I refuse to gossip, I won’t fear being known as a tale-bearer. If I respect the authority of church leaders, I won’t tremble at rifts or divisions. If I’m living with Christ as Lord of my life, I won’t fear God’s  judgment. If I keep God’s laws regarding stealing, adultery, hatred, lying, coveting, and so on, I will experience peace with God and others.

fear one way sign

This does not mean that life will always be fair or that there might never be a time to declare, “We ought to obey God rather than men.” [Acts 5:29]  Yet, so often, it’s our own choices that bring us trouble or peace.fear ten commandments

If flashing blue lights bring feelings of fear, perhaps it’s time to pull over and evaluate our speed and direction.



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