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Cream Cheese Fruit Snack with Graham Crackers

cream cheese fruit snackCream cheese fruit snack. It’s a cracker. It’s a cheese. It’s a fruit. It’s a snack!

When I’ve got some leftover pie filling or a few extra graham crackers, this snack is my go-to, especially when there are kiddos in the house.  It’s so simple and easy.

You let the kids choose their favorite fruit flavor, and you’re set. Fresh fruit works well, too.

You only need three things:

  1. graham crackers
  2. cream cheese
  3. fruit – either fresh fruit or fruit pie filling

Have cream cheese at room temperature so it is easy to spread on the graham crackers.  Spread it as thick or as thin as you like. Top with fruit topping.

cream cheese fruit snack

I’ve used canned blueberry and cherry pie filling. I’ve also used fresh, sliced peaches and freshly-picked blackberries. Like I said, you pick whatever toppings you want for this cream cheese fruit snack.


cream cheese fruit snackThis snack is a mini-version of Cream Cheese Fruit Delight, and it’s a lot easier to do (not to mention it has less calories!).  It’s a cool, refreshing snack that takes only a minute to assemble.

When I make the Fruit Delight, I usually have two choices of pie filling, so there’s always some left over. This is how I “use up” the rest of the pie filling.

On the crackers, I gladly admit that I only use one brand: Honey Maid. I grew up on these because in my childhood we didn’t have “generic” brands available. It’s the only kind I use, and was one of our prenuptial agreements. Dave has willingly always bought the Honey Maid brand even when it costs him more. My point? Don’t skimp on the crackers because your taste buds will be able to tell.

For a larger crowd, you can spread the cream cheese on the crackers and then allow each person to add his own topping. Use different size sections of crackers to make it adult or child friendly.


cream cheese fruit snack


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