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Counting Gains Instead of Losses


Today I’ll count my blessings,

for the harvest time is near

and the pumpkins and the corn shocks

remind us all November’s here.

I can sit among the weary,

Count my troubles and my foes;

I can look around, about me

be like Job’s wife, or be like Job.

So I look around, about me

Find the blessings that I see

and I list them, one by one,

starting with one, then two, then three.

There is pleasure in the sunrise,

there is warmth in autumn’s breeze;

and when sunset comes, I treasure

delightful blessings given to me.

There’s been laughter, there’s been loving;

we have food and clothes to wear;

we’ve got shelter, we’ve got plenty;

we have a God who knows our care.

At this season – in this moment –

think about the things you’ve gained

instead of wishing for the many,

many things yet not attained.

Count your gains and not your losses!

Count your blessings – not your pain;

Remember that He writes our stories

Sometimes there’s loss, and sometimes gain.

The Author of the Harvest

Takes our dross and makes it gold;

He has a greater purpose

Than our minds can grasp or hold.

The Author of the Harvest

Is Creator, Savior, King

That is why we trust His goodness

No matter what the years may bring.

When we trust Him for the harvest,

 rain or drought, He does what’s good,

Then we can say with calm assurance:

Our God is great, our God is good!


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  1. Did you write this Gert? I love it and would like to print it out and put it at each guests plate for Thanksgiving. I would, of course, only do it with your permission. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  2. Yes, I wrote it. (I always give credit when it’s not my writing.) :-). Of course you may print it out. You can tell them where you found it! 🙂 You really don’t need to ask permission as long as you give credit, but it warms my heart to know.

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