Claiming a Mountain With Giants Hidden There

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The Scripture:   Joshua 14:7-14

As a forty-year-old man, Caleb was sent to spy out the land for Moses and the Children of Israel. Of the twelve spies who were sent, Caleb was only one of two who came back with an accurate report.

All twelve spies came back loaded with fruit – bunches of grapes so large they had to be carried by more than one man. Pomegranates such as they had never seen before. The evidence was before them and could not be denied. They not only saw the fruit, they got to taste and consume it.

Yet what the people remembered was that in that land flowing with milk and honey, there were giants.

pomegranates and grapes

When the people listened to the report from the other spies about the “giants in the land”, they decided they were too afraid to enter the land that God had promised them.

Caleb continued to trust and follow the Lord. He didn’t change his scouting story and he kept believing.  He said God had promised them that land, and He would give it to them.

Basically, he said, “That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.”

It turns out he was right. His report was accurate, and God proved it by rewarding the two men who told the truth. The other ten spies were never allowed to enter that promised land.

And now, in this biblical account, the focus turns to Caleb and his story.

Forty years have passed since that spying expedition. At eighty, Caleb is as strong as he was forty years before.

He was given a vision then (those many years before). He hasn’t forgotten that vision. I can’t imagine waiting forty years for a vision to be fulfilled, but he waited.

It’s time now, he says, to see that vision fulfilled.

Caleb wants to go forward and conquer the land – that land with those giants. That land whose giants kept the Israelite children so paralyzed that they refused to believe God would really give it to them.

Caleb isn’t afraid because He serves a God Who is able to do more than we could ask or think.

He’s not afraid because He knows a God Who can slay dragons and giants – as well as fears.

mountainn climber

He says to Joshua, “Give me this mountain.”

Caleb knows what is in that land, and he is still ready to go!

He’s a man on a mission – and that mission will succeed because it is God’s mission.

mountain snow

Is God asking you to forge ahead into unchartered territory?

Will you claim the mountain or be too afraid of those giants?

What a challenge – and what a way to pray!

I’ve got some mountains of my own. How about you?

What mountains does God want you to ask Him to give to you today?

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There’s a song about this story and about the mountains you and I are facing today.

You can listen to it by clicking on the link below. The words to the song follow this link.

Listen to it, and then sing along!

To listen to Anchored Quartet sing this song, click here. 

mountain top

Give Me This Mountain by Frank Garlock

The challenge now is here – what cause is there to fear?

I will follow to the place where God has called!

And though the task ahead is great, there is no need to wait;

God’s command is “conquer cities, fenced and walled.”


This mountain I shall own, but not for me alone –

For my children, I shall claim this promised land.

Because the Word of God is sure.  The future is secure;

All the power we need is in God’s mighty hand!


Take courage and be strong – We’ll sing the victor’s song,

All the blessings God has promised we may claim.

So let us hasten to obey, Our Saviour leads the way;

He will help us win the battle for  His name!


Give me this mountain, give me this mountain!

To the land where giants grow

That’s the place I want to go.

Give me this mountain, this very mountain!

I shall conquer in the power of the Lord.

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