Jesus' many names

Christmas Thoughts of Jesus’ Many Names

Jesus' many names

    Jesus’ Many Names

In the stillness of a starry night,
God sent His Son, who is the Light.
Born of a virgin among cattle and sheep,
While most of the world was fast asleep.
Shepherds on a hillside, slumbering there
Awoke in fear as an angel came near.
“Fear not,” he said, “I bring good news.”
Soon a multitude of angels came into view.
They sang praises to God for Jesus‘ birth,
Born to bring peace and joy on earth.
God’s gift of love on that first Christmas Day,
He is our Savior, Redeemer, the Life, Truth, and Way.
The prophets of old foretold His coming,
The promised Messiah, born to be our King,
Lamb of God, Savior and our dearest Friend;
His love for us will have no end.
The world celebrates with gifts, toys and glitter;
Forgetting the real reason we all come together.
We are here to worship Christ our Lord,
And praise the One evermore adored.
Words are limited to convey our praise,
Filled with awe and wonder, our voices we raise,
In glory and honor for God’s gift from above,
As we sing of His glory and undying love.
May joy and gladness be ours today,
For Jesus is with us each step of the way,
He is eager to be your dearest Friend.
His steadfast love for you will never end.
– Norma Jean Leichty
Jesus' Many Names
This poem was written in December, 2021 by  Norma Jean Leichty, who turned 92 December 26. Norma is Mom Slabach’s first cousin. She lives in Oregon, and we were delighted to visit with her in her home this past spring.  Norma Jean has graciously given me permission to share her Hope with you in this poem where she contemplates the many names of Jesus.

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