Christmas Mystery

mysteryThe Mystery

That He came is the greatest Mystery

and the best.

That His love brought to us

that greatest gift of love

is the greatest story

and the greatest sacrifice of all.

From Genesis on, the mysterious thread

is woven through the greatest

love story of all time.

From Creator to Christ Child

to Sacrifice and Savior

and to Redeemer of all,

The story is surrounded by the greatest

Mystery of all.


His Love first created,

Then watched His created

bring sin and shame

to the world that He made.

He is Love. . . and

Love died and rose again

for all mankind, including me.

How can that be?!

Jesus, the Gift, comes into our world,

our messes, and our brokenness

and – if we are willing –

He makes us whole.


That is the greatest love,

the greatest Gift,

And the greatest Mystery of all.

Photo attributions:  Pixabay.

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