Your Favorite Child – and What Not to Do

favorite child

Your Favorite Child. Parents should not have a favorite child, but sometimes they do. Used as a noun, a “favorite” is a person or thing that is especially popular or particularly well liked by someone. Because we have our own preferences and things to which we are drawn, it stands to reason that we can become drawn to others (including our children) who are more like us. When a son thinks just like his father … Read more

When You Should Not Become a Foster or an Adoptive Parent

foster or adoption

Foster Parenting and Adopting are Noble Callings Foster parenting and adopting are noble callings. Who doesn’t want to make the world a better place by changing lives, one child at a time?! Before you take the plunge, however, there are some things to consider: Be certain, and be prepared. While mothering or parenting comes naturally to most people, this type of parenting takes an extra bundle of energy, wisdom, and grace. God gives the grace … Read more

The Other Side of the Story

the other side

Assuming the Other Side. He glowered at me as I stood in my driveway.  “I know more about this than you do. I’ve talked to Donna and to Annie, and they have told me what’s going on.” To start with, I never told him I knew anything. He assumed I did because of my friendship with the person involved. In addition, Donna lived in Oregon, Annie lived in Alabama, and I was in Virginia. Neither … Read more

When Other Parents Have all the Answers

other parents

Those other parents. On the outside looking in, it’s easy to see how other parents should change the way they parent. It’s easy to condemn them and point out their flaws. That’s what we tend to do, especially if we are insecure in our own parenting or are experiencing an empty nest. We give subtle (and not so subtle) hints and clues and wonder why those parents can’t get it! The trouble is that other parents don’t walk in your … Read more

Why You Can’t Be Your Child’s Best Friend

child's best friend

Not a Best Friend You might become the best friend of your offspring once he or she is grown, but you can’t be your child’s best friend. That’s because you’re the parent.  A coach can’t be the best friend of one of  his players. And, just like a teacher can’t be a student’s best friend, so a parent cannot be his child’s best friend. It’s that simple – and that hard. That’s hard to imagine … Read more