Those Three D-Words in Parenting


Recognizing D-words I didn’t consider those D-words when I became a mom. When we became parents, we didn’t sit down and discuss the things for which we planned to discipline our kids. I think we knew we agreed on the important things, but it might have helped had we isolated behavior into three separate categories. You take care of those three issues, and you’ll have your ducks in a row. Except when the ducks get … Read more

Helping Your Kids Choose Character over Accomplishments

character over accomplishments

Character over accomplishments. As parents, we must applaud character over accomplishments. Yet that’s easier said than done. There’s not a parent in the world who doesn’t want his child to be successful. Yet, many of us are guilty of pushing success over character qualities. Why is that? Is it because “success” is easier to measure than character? Can we more readily define one’s success than character growth? Or is it because we know others are … Read more

The Mystery of Marriage

mystery of marriage

photo by Karsten Paulick/Pixabay Marriage purpose and mystery. Marriage mystery? You have heard that phrase before? When something is hard to understand, it’s a mystery. There is a mystery of marriage. In our human thinking, we could say that the purpose of marriage is for two people to be happy and fulfilled. In our humanness, we want to think marriage gives us identify, significance, and value. Does it? Should it? Let’s see what God says … Read more

What Goes in Comes Out

what goes in comes out

It can’t come out if it doesn’t go in. I heard these words often as a child: What goes in, comes out. That’s because our attitudes bred of boredom, anger, or laziness came out in work or in play. When I was a kid at home, there were words I never considered saying because I didn’t hear them. You know what happened. I grew older, became more exposed, and thus my vocabulary increased. Sometimes a … Read more

Why I Make My Bed (Almost) Every Morning

make my bed

Making my bed. I don’t remember having rules about making our beds when I was a kid. My mother’s bed was always made, and she seldom came upstairs to check our rooms. Sometimes the beds got made, and sometimes not. Forming a new habit is easiest if a person does something (or refrains from doing something) every day for a month. This develops a pattern, and that’s what you want. That’s what I did. I made … Read more