Which Sister is Best?


Choosing a favorite When I was a child, I told my mother that I could not decide which older sister I loved the best. One lived in Michigan and one in Delaware. There was such excitement in our house when one (or both) of them were coming home. I shared the guilt I felt that some days I liked the one best, and other days my favorite was a different sister. What was I to … Read more

Meet Persey and Vera


Perseverance Perseverance is the continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition. That’s what Dave was talking about when he told the kid living at our house, “You obviously never met Persey and Vera.” The kid looked at him, puzzled.  “No, I never did. Who is Persey and Vera?” he asked. Dave chuckled. “My Pop introduced me to Persey and Vera,” he explained. “Anytime we felt like giving up or wanted … Read more

Out of the Shadows [My Journey with Complex Mental Illness] – A New Book

complex mental illness

The Shadows Kathy has complex mental illness. Her diagnosis  includes schizophrenia and OCD. I learned to know Kathy when I was in high school because she was the younger sister of a friend. When her sister and I went on two-mile walks to solve the world’s problems, Kathy and I smiled at each other before her sister and I started our walks. I knew Kathy struggled because for a time, the entire left side of … Read more

Why I’m Still Checking My Oven

checking my oven

Looking for leftovers Checking my oven is a life-long habit of mine. When I was a kid, we always checked the oven before we turned it on to bake. The oven often stored left-over cake or cookies or some other fun food. Mama taught us to open that oven door and check to be certain there was nothing present so we would not have remnants of burnt offering. When I moved away from home and … Read more

First Blabber Business

blabber business

The beginning To begin with, First Blabber Business and The Point System came to be because we had to find a way to be fair. All our lives we tried to be fair. Whether it was cleaning our room, holding a baby, or going on the bread delivery route with our mama, we tried to make things fair. There were six of us, ten years separating the oldest from the youngest. Mama was busy with her … Read more