Allowing Your Child to Choose His Own Discipline

choose discipline

It happened with God. Before you roll your eyes at me, consider the example given in scripture. God gave David three choices for consequences (discipline). David was allowed to choose from one of those three. David chose, instead, to let God choose which of the three punishments would be dealt. He wanted to be at the mercy of God rather than at the mercy of men. When your child is old enough to understand his … Read more

Learning to Leave

When God says “Go.” Learning to leave is not easy when we really want to stay. I suppose it wasn’t easy for Sarah when God told Abraham, “Get you out of this place and move to the land I will show you.” That would have been hard for me, I know. As nurturers and nesters, we like to have a place to stay and a place we belong. We enjoy the familiar and the comfortable. … Read more

Learning to Stay

learning to stay

Leaving or Staying. She sat across from me and said these words: “My family knows how to leave, but we don’t know how to stay. This time, I’m staying.”  She made a conscious choice to stay instead of running. Although she didn’t really know how to stay, she was bent on learning – and she was doing it by staying put. She was bound and determined – aimed at learning to stay. We tend to … Read more

Show, Don’t Tell

show and tell

e shouldShow and Tell Those elementary school days of show and tell are a great way to tell classmates about things in our lives. One day, I took our newborn to school for Show and Tell in our kindergartner’s class. How much more fun it was for him to show the baby than it would have been to bring photos or just tell about his baby sister. His classmates crowded around, wanting to see the new … Read more

Mommying: Mind over Matter

mind over matter

What Mind over Matter is. Mind over matter helps in mommying. Parenting is one of the hardest things we ever do. That’s because it’s 24/7. There is no time off and no “normal” work week of five days a week from 9 to 5! Sure, there are times you go away for an evening or even a weekend; but you’re always the mom away from her kids. When you’re home, you’re the mom from sunrise … Read more