Parenting Kids: Fair is not the Same as Equal

fair is not equal

Fair is Not the Same as  Equal. In our efforts to try to be the better parents, we often fail to consider our rationale for the things we do with and for our kids. We become short distance sprinters instead of long distance runners. One of our tasks as parents it to prepare our kids for the long haul: LIFE. That means we have to look beyond the now of the moment or the days (short distance … Read more

Salvaging the Good

Depression-era Lessons. I have a tendency to let things sit in my cupboard and refrigerator that have expired dates. I’m not even sure there was such a thing as expiration dates on food items when I was a child. My mama believed in using everything so as not to waste things. Along with other Depression era folks, she believed: Use it up; wear it out; make it do, or do without. Mama – a well … Read more

Marrying Your Spouse’s Family

Marriage Includes His Family It’s true. When we get married, we are marrying the family of our spouse. No, we don’t take vows promising to be faithful to our spouse’s family. We’re not asked by the minister if we promise to “take his family”, but it’s still true. There’s no getting around it even though many young folks will declare, “I’m marrying him (or her), not his (or her) family!” The Conflict of Difference Marriage … Read more

A Different Storm than Florence (and A Lesson on Serving)

The Hurricane Hurricane Florence never made it to our place, but the threat of the storm made certain that one of our offspring and friend did. Along with them came perishable items from their refrigerators. The kids took their stuff with them when they left (except for what they left behind for me to keep). About the time the storm was menacing our way, the viral infection in my eyes came back. With it came … Read more

Love Means (Never) Having to Say You’re Sorry  


Love Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry First published in Discover Southside in 2009, this article is also listed in “The Attic” of this Blog. Our kids are grown and mostly gone now, but I still remember those days. Maybe reading about my failures will encourage you to watch out for these mistakes.   Caught Red Handed Just the other day my teenager and I had words about emptying the dishwasher. He never wants to empty it, so when he … Read more