The Difference Between Asking Permission Now or Asking Forgiveness Later

Asking forgiveness later is not funny. We laugh about this, and in some ways it’s funny. Sometimes we do this innocently enough when it really doesn’t matter. But this is a cause for concern. I suppose I will get some flack from this post because oftentimes, we do this and laugh – and it’s not funny. Is it? Because asking forgiveness later (deliberately) is wrong. What bothers me is the times I’ve heard this reason … Read more

Why We Use “At This House” to Maintain Order

at this house

The reason behind the “at this house” statement. When someone enters your home, they enter an “at my house” zone. Bringing other children into your home can be frustrating because it upsets the fruit basket. Visitors or guests can upset your standard with your kids in your home. You have rules that some of your guests don’t have at their house: “no dessert until food is finished” or “clothes go in the laundry and not … Read more

The Promise of a Butterfly – and Spring

The hidden promise. The promise. She remembered the time as if it were yesterday. When she saw a butterfly, it came back to her. She remembered. It had been a dreary week, the winter she turned five. While she knew her father was not well that March, she didn’t think he would die. But he did. Family and friends came and stayed. The body was brought into their home through the living room window, because … Read more

5 Ways to Handle Negative Social Media

social media

The pathos of social media Every one of us has seen it – and some of us are plenty guilty. We’ve seen or posted (or both) posts on social media that get your ire up for a number of reasons. You’ve no doubt scrolled across Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and seen the comments (and made your own unwritten responses in your mind) – perhaps such things as: “For your information, the things people are saying … Read more

When My World Changed Forever – but Stayed the Same

world changed

Sixty years Sixty years ago today. I was five when my world changed forever. For sixty years, I’ve wondered what it would have been like to grow up with a father. I will never know. At the time, it didn’t seem like that big a deal. Home was still home; Mama and my siblings were still there. While I’ll never know for certain what I missed, I learned some valuable life lessons. I learned that … Read more