Two Ways We Undermine the Authority of Parents

undermine the authority

Undermining Authority No matter what our experience or expertise, it is wrong to undermine the authority of other parents. We do this blatently and we do this subtly. Any way you slice it, it’s wrong. Blatance Blatant ways are most obvious, of course. These are the times we deride the decisions of other parents by saying so out loud in front of our kids – or theirs. This is one way we undermine the authority … Read more

Structure and Safety for Your Kids


The Frazzle.  There is no structure when an active, inquisitive kid is on the loose. One of ours belonged in the circus. This kid was in constant motion. I was frazzled from my attempts to keep him safe. I cannot tell you how many times he slipped outside or disappeared inside the house, eluding my frantic search. Not only did he try to elude me and get into things he shouldn’t have, he also put … Read more

A Place for Ruth – a New Book

a place for ruth

A Place in Germany – then Denmark. Ruth Reimer was seven when her Mennonite family fled Germany and arrived in Denmark as refugees of war. For three and a half years, she, her mother, and siblings were moved from one refugee camp to another – a total of five in all. During some of those years, they did not know if Pappa was alive. The possibility that he survived the war was slim, for Pappa … Read more

Why Children Need Art – a Guest Post


There are many forms of art. A guest post from Radical Grandparenting. My friend Shelley became a grandparent a few years ago. If you know Shelley, you know she does things full force. As a mom, she entered into the world of her kids. As a grandma, she’s doing the same – entering in. A few months ago she started a new blog: Radical Grandparenting. Then a few weeks ago she interviewed her artist-husband about … Read more

Marriage: How the Little Things Reap Great Dividends

marriage dividends

The forgotten pennies I remember days of cleaning up our bedroom when we didn’t bother to pick up pennies. It was easier to just sweep them up with the dirt and throw them in the trash. Does this embarrass me now? You bet it does. I’ve often been intrigued at some of the wealthy folks I know who squabble about the cost of pens and pencils for their office, yet think nothing of blowing a … Read more