The Mystery of Marriage

mystery of marriage

photo by Karsten Paulick/Pixabay Marriage purpose and mystery. Marriage mystery? You have heard that phrase before? When something is hard to understand, it’s a mystery. There is a mystery of marriage. In our human thinking, we could say that the purpose of marriage is for two people to be happy and fulfilled. In our humanness, we want to think marriage gives us identify, significance, and value. Does it? Should it? Let’s see what God says … Read more

What Goes in Comes Out

what goes in comes out

It can’t come out if it doesn’t go in. I heard these words often as a child: What goes in, comes out. That’s because our attitudes bred of boredom, anger, or laziness came out in work or in play. When I was a kid at home, there were words I never considered saying because I didn’t hear them. You know what happened. I grew older, became more exposed, and thus my vocabulary increased. Sometimes a … Read more

Why I Make My Bed (Almost) Every Morning

make my bed

Making my bed. I don’t remember having rules about making our beds when I was a kid. My mother’s bed was always made, and she seldom came upstairs to check our rooms. Sometimes the beds got made, and sometimes not. Forming a new habit is easiest if a person does something (or refrains from doing something) every day for a month. This develops a pattern, and that’s what you want. That’s what I did. I made … Read more

Why My Kids Are Not Entitled


Nix Entitled in your vocabulary. The word entitled should not be in a parents’ vocabulary. Oh, we might not say it, but we certainly think it.  How do I know? When our six were in school, every end-of-summer, we had discussion with other parents. We had our ideas of which teacher we hoped our child got that year, and certainly the teachers we did not want our child to have. Yeah. I had some ideas, but … Read more

Asking the Right Question

the right question

Who to believe? Sometimes I’ve totally failed to ask the right question. I’ve been guilty of believing a child or an adult when I heard their story without listening to the other side. Sometimes it was because I trusted the adult; other times it was because the story was so convincing that I couldn’t imagine it was false. With my kids, I learned to check out their “source” of information. I verified what actually happened … Read more