The Last Chapter Has Not Been Written

the last chapter

The last chapter Do you remember picking up a book and becoming so engrossed in it that time slipped away – yet you kept wondering about the end of the story? Finally, because you could stand the suspense no longer, you sneaked a peak at the last page because it was too hard to read the book and not know. You just had to know how the story ended. It was easier to read through … Read more

The Real Enemy in Marriage

real enemy in marriage

Our enemy’s longevity Our real enemy in marriage has nothing to do with our past or what we face presently. The present might seem to be the problem, but it isn’t. It’s true that marriages today are fraught with conflict. Whether it’s about children, church, finances, grandkids, in-laws, relationships, retirement, schedules, sex, or work, we struggle with conflict. We’re not so different from our great-grandparents even though the dynamics of their marriages were different and … Read more

Parenting – Consequences the Quail Way


The work of parenting and consequences. Parenting is hard work. If it’s not hard, then you either aren’t really parenting or your kids are perfect; unless, of course you’re perfect.  That is why I say parenting is not for the faint of heart. There are times, of course, when parenting is fun and days flow bye without a lot of stress.  Making memories and enjoying simple moments come and go. At the end of a … Read more

A Different Kind of Romance

Romance! Today is Valentine’s Day. For some people, it’s a happy day. For others, it is not. Cards, flowers, and chocolate do not make this a special day. What is special about this day is that we celebrate love between those we know well. For those who are married, this day can put pressure on “doing” instead of being. Today, I celebrate love that is there 365 days a year. I wrote and published this … Read more

The Hoopla About Phones – Smart or Flip Phone?

Smart or Dumb? A smart phone or a flip phone? What is the hoopla about, anyhow? It’s out there, and it’s all around us. Sometimes it seems like we’re preaching to the choir. I’m talking about the hoopla about cell phones. Internet. Social Media. Instagram. Facebook. Twitter. All those other apps no parent has any sense letting their kids have. Many of those apps and games you don’t even know about.  How many parents know … Read more