OCD – Should I Claim that Fame?

Who doesn’t have OCD?! We all have a touch of OCD – and some of us claim it more than others. Some claim it with pride, and others with chagrin. I remember my friend and I talking about our Instant Pots. I’ve got hard boiling eggs down to a science in my Instant Pot, and she feels she does, too. However, our approach is so different. She purchased an insert to put in her Instant … Read more

Giving Your Kid What is Best – Even When It Hurts

Giving What is Best Can be Painful. As hard as it is, if our love is real, we’ll give our kids what is best  – even when it hurts. In the throes of raising kids, sometimes it’s just plain hard to keep that goal in mind. It’s hard to focus on where I want my child to be then when it’s so painful now. The little girl in this story is now grown and working full time. … Read more

See You in the Morning!

see you in the morning

Waiting for Morning Ten years ago, (January 9, 2010), my mama went to Heaven. Some days it seems like it’s been forever, and some days not. There are days I wish I could hear her voice just one more time. Picking up the phone to call her settled me. When life was in a turmoil, I didn’t have to tell her what was troubling me; just hearing her voice made me feel safe and secure. … Read more

Get Me to the Church on Time!

church on time

But then, what is “on time”?. Does getting to church on time matter? Is it really important? And then, what is “on time”? If we arrive just in time to slide into the pew before the opening, is that on time? Are we really late if we arrive after the opening has begun? What constitutes being on time? When we answer those questions, we’ll have a gauge for the time we want to arrive in … Read more

Organizing and Decluttering


More than one way to stash away Finding a way to store items not in season can be a dilemma – especially when there are many “things” and seasons for which to store items. Especially frustrating is the problem of knowing you have an item, but not knowing where it is stored. Therefore, it can’t be easily retrieved. That’s when organizing your stuff is a game-changer. I’m not the best at getting rid of stuff, … Read more