Why Marriage is Hard – And the 3-C Antidote

marriage is hard

Marriage is hard. It can be fun and delightful, but it’s hard work. The question is this: How badly do we want our marriage to be good? How hard are we willing to work to make it fun? Whether we’re striving for a degree, pursuing proficiency in learning an instrument, or saving money for a car, there are things we are willing to do and things we are willing to sacrifice to reach the goal … Read more

Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

“Don’t bite off more than you can chew.” I don’t know where I heard this first, but I know we heard it around the dinner table. The rule at our house was that if we served ourselves, we had to finish the entire portion: lock, stock, and barrel. However, if someone else piled that portion onto our plates, we could get by without consuming it all. After all, it wasn’t our eyes that were bigger … Read more

On Being the Neck that Turns the Head

neck that turns the head

We’ve heard the saying, “She may not be the head, but she’s the neck that turns the head.”  It’s intended to be a negative comment about a wife; and while many times it is, it doesn’t need to be. You know what I think of that saying? I think it can be a positive statement – if the head gets turned in the right way. Sadly, the connotation we usually get from that saying is … Read more

Parenting: How Not to Buckle When It’s Important to be Strong

the buck stops here

Refusing to Cave I remember parenting young kids and having one whose temperament or mood threatened to mar the entire day. The natural inclination is to cave, or “give in” to keep peace. It’s harder to steer a wheel uphill than it would be to just allow it to rumble down to the bottom of the hill; but then, how would we ever get that wheel to the top of the hill?! Trouble was, if … Read more

When Your Child Can’t Sleep – Keeping the Devil Away

can't sleep

I don’t usually have trouble going to sleep at night – or sleeping through the night. There have been times, however, when I’ve needed to deploy a tactic to be able to go to sleep or go back to sleep when I’ve laid awake at night, fearful, worried, or afraid. It’s something I used to tell my kids to do when they couldn’t sleep at night. You see, the reason we have trouble sleeping is … Read more