Tilapia (Broiled)


Tender, Healthy, and Tasty Tilapia. I’m always interested in healthy cooking, but sometimes it’s hard to find recipes that are tasty and healthy, especially when it comes to fish. This recipe for Tilapia is a keeper. A few weeks ago, we enjoyed a new dish in the home of friends. Merle Eby is the chef on this one, and it’s his recipe. Merle loves trains, his grandkids, and Jane, his bride of 52 years. He also … Read more

Skillet Lasagna

Lasagna Born of Friendship More than twenty years ago, my friend Shirley shared this skillet lasagna recipe with me. When I make this dish, I remember her and all the fun times we shared. At the time I met Shirley, both of our families lived in the Charlottesville, Virginia area.  Shirley and I met in a K-Mart store one evening when both our families were Christmas shopping.  We kept running into each other and I decided … Read more

One Dish Hamburger Meal with Potatoes and Green Beans

I had never heard of this one dish hamburger meal until I married into the Slabach family. It was one of Mom’s recipes and the one that her son Paul loved the most. I still think of it as Paul’s favorite dish. I hadn’t made it in years and had to call my sister-in-law Rhoda to ask her how mom did it. She gave me the detail-by-detail method, and I fixed it that evening to … Read more

Cucumber Tea Sandwiches


It’s summertime, and that means it’s cucumber time. Cucumber Tea Sandwiches are easy to fix and delightful to serve. The recipe calls for seedless cucumbers, but I have used cucumbers with seeds. You’ll want to use smaller, tasty cucumbers for this. You can slice them into thin rectangular slices or use a vegetable slicer and make tiny rounds with them. The recipe calls for white bread, but you can also use tortillas and roll the … Read more

Chicken Bites

chicken bites

Chicken Bites is a fun dish to make, and one that children and adults will be sure to like. You can make this recipe ahead and then refrigerate the dish. The next day you can put it in the oven and just heat it through slowly. I did this the other weekend – made the mess and cleaned it all up on Saturday. On Sunday morning, all I had to do was pop it into … Read more