Pizza Crust Stromboli


Pizza Crust Stromboli Whether you prefer beef, chicken, or hamburger, you can make this Stromboli recipe. If you have extra pizza dough in your freezer, take it out at least two hours before you want to use it. The recipe I use for pizza dough can be accessed here. For the ingredients of your Stromboli, use olive oil or butter to saute onions, mushrooms and peppers (optional). Add your canned beef or chicken, or use … Read more

Biscuit Crust Chicken Pot Pie

Biscuit crust pot pie When I was a teenager, I got pretty frustrated with my mother and my aunts who just dumped and added things when they cooked. How was I supposed to know how much “a little bit” of flour was?!    I remember the day I stood by my mother and measured everything for a recipe I liked. She just added and dumped until it looked right, but since I didn’t know what … Read more

Pork BBQ

pork bbq

Pork BBQ is a southern dish Pork BBQ is a southern dish and I confess I never had it before I moved to southern Virginia. I grew up on pork chops, ham, and bacon. But other pork dishes were fairly new to me, including this recipe. It’s an easy fundraiser for folks in the south, and you can add coleslaw, baked beans, and a bun to go with it. When you’re doing a fundraiser, you … Read more

Homemade Four Cheese Ravioli


Four cheese ravioli at its best This four cheese ravioli recipe comes from my daughter. Kudos Sarah Beth who improvises, tastes, tweaks, and tests until she comes up with her own favorite dishes. For this four cheese ravioli recipe, you can use the pasta recipe she uses, or you can make your own. To get Sarah Beth’s recipe, click here. Make the dough, but don’t use the pasta maker. Instead, roll the dough out using … Read more

Chicken Potato Chowder

chicken potato chowder

Chicken and Potatoes This chowder is hearty and healthy. The best part is that you get to add seasonings to your heart’s content. Use the seasonings your family likes and skip the ones they’d rather do without. You can add more cheese – or less. Stock for the chowder The best way to make this is to use your own stock. That means you cook a chicken – or parts of a chicken – in … Read more