Cornbread with Yogurt and Creamed Corn

cornbread with creamed corn

This recipe for cornbread is a hearty recipe. It’s also quite filling! You’ll need the ingredients one usually uses: cornmeal, flour, sugar, vegetable oil, eggs, and baking powder. In addition, you’ll need yogurt and creamed corn. I got this recipe from my friend Ron Miller – who came to a meeting bragging about his wife’s cornbread. He said he’d just had a piece and it was so good. Of course I had to have the … Read more

Kidney Bean Salad

kidney bean salad

  I grew up with this kidney bean salad; it was especially refreshing in the summer, but it works well as a winter salad as well. For this recipe, you’ll need kidney beans, onions, celery,vinegar, sugar, and a mayonnaise-based dressing. Mix it up a few hours or a day before to allow the flavor to seep through the beans. Be sure to drain the kidney beans as the recipe suggests! This recipe can also be … Read more

Sausage Gravy

sausage gravy

The aroma of breakfast sausage or bacon is warm, homey, and dear. Try your hand at some sausage gravy; serve it over biscuits or waffles, and make somebody’s day. You can do this in stages or make it ahead and freeze it for later use. Then, when you want a tasty, warm breakfast, you’ve got half of it already done. This recipe isn’t really a recipe. It’s one of those dump, taste, and serve dishes.  … Read more

Sweet Baked Ham

sweet ham bake

This recipe takes a little over four hours of your time, but it’s not labor-intensive. It is festive, tasty, and makes an elegant ham. We’ve used this recipe for several years for our church’s Christmas dinner for our women, hosted in someone’s home. It is always a hit, and someone always asks for the recipe. You’ll need a pre-cooked, bone-in ham, and a butt portion works well. We buy the hickory smoked flavor. You’ll cook … Read more

Snickerdoodle Cookies

snickerdoodle cookies

Where these cookies got their name is beyond me. They have nothing to do with snickers candy, for sure! This is an easy recipe, and gives variety to the usual chocolate or oatmeal cookies that are prevalent today. You’ll need the usual cookie ingredients, plus cream of tartar. And, for the mixture to roll the dough in, you’ll need cinnamon and sugar. Easy mix, easy bake. Yum! Save Print Snickerdoodle Cookies Author: My Windowill Recipe type: Dessert … Read more