Old Time Sour Cream Cookies

Sour cream cookies – a recipe over a century old. This sour cream cookie recipe is over 100-years old, and it was given to me by one of my aunts at a bridal shower.  She wrote, “This recipe I copied from my sister Annie’s book in 1927. [That was over twenty-five years before I was born!] She got it from our grandma Savilla Miller.”  My great-grandma Savilla was born in 1846. Isn’t that unique, to … Read more

Broccoli Salad


Broccoli salad This salad is the same, yet different from a previous post from a few years back. My daughter Sarah Beth came up with this one and shared the recipe and the photos with me. Since I have these ingredients in my kitchen, I will be using this recipe as well. Broccoli is a healthy food. It contains as much Vitamin C as an orange. It is also beneficial in promoting health in the … Read more

Poppyseed Chicken

poppyseed chicken

Poppyseed chicken This poppyseed chicken recipe is a simple one and can be assembled a day ahead if you’d like. It’s great for a quick meal or when company is coming. You can substitute yogurt for the sour cream, and you can make your own chicken sauce with chicken broth if you’d rather not use the canned cream of chicken soup. If you have leftover baked chicken in the refrigerator, cut the chicken into bite-sized … Read more

Fruit, Spinach and Yogurt Smoothie

yogurt smoothie

The smoothie This fruit, spinach and yogurt smoothie is my go-to for a quick snack, dessert, or even a meal. I have these ingredients in my kitchen most days, and if I can switch up different fruits if needed. This nutritious smoothie fits the bill for health and happiness. You can use frozen or fresh spinach for this. The frozen spinach helps cool the mixture and you might not need to add as much ice. … Read more

Chocolate BREI (a homemade German pudding)

chocolate brei

Family favorite Last week I shared a family and community favorite recipe. This week I give the chocolate recipe for the same food:  BREI. “Brei” is pronounced with a silent “e” and a long “i”.  This word rhymes with “dry” and “cry”. Say it:  BRY. This recipe is the same as the vanilla one last week, only this time we add chocolate (cocoa) to the mix. After I posted the recipe last week, a cousin … Read more