Pumpkin Lush Dessert

pumpkin lush

Pumpkin Lusciousness. You’ll find it in this pumpkin lush dessert. For those of you who love all things pumpkin, this dessert needs to be added to your recipe stash of all things scrumptious. My friend Bethany made this as one of the desserts we served at a rehearsal dinner a week ago. It was a hit! (But then, anything Bethany makes is a hit – which is why I knew I couldn’t go wrong when … Read more

Hot Fudge Cake

hot fudge cake

Mixing the cake. The easy part about making this hot fudge cake is that you mix it all up in the same pan you’ll bake it – and serve it. You’ll need the batter first, then the sugar and chocolate layer, and hot water poured on top. Bake and let set for about ten minutes, then serve. When life is busy and hectic or when you have little hands wanting to help bake, this recipe … Read more

Sour Cream Raisin Bars

raisin bars

The Bars This Sour Cream Raisin Bars recipe is a new recipe for me, but I like it! You’ll make a crust and a filling. The filling goes between the top and bottom crust. If you’re a fan of raisins and oatmeal, you’ll like this recipe. Even though you have to cook the filling, it really doesn’t take any longer than baking a batch of cookies because it’s all put into one pan. For the … Read more

Cream Cheese Fruit Delight

Cream Cheese Dessert. This is a great dessert, no matter which season of the year. I grew up on this dessert, and someone almost always brought it to family reunions or church potluck dinners. It’s one of those dishes that keeps people coming back for more. We referred to this as Cherry Delight because it was often made with cherries. Sometimes we made Blueberry Delight. I’ve changed the name because when you’re making it with … Read more

Delectable Chocolate Cake with Cream Cheese Filling

Delectable and Delicious When you see this delectable chocolate cake, you’ll think it is difficult to make. It isn’t, especially if you make it a few days or a week ahead and freeze the cake. Then, the day before you want to serve it, slice it horizontally (while still partially frozen), mix up the filling, and put the four layers together. You can even make the filling a day ahead if you’d like, which decreases … Read more