Grandpa’s Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

oatmeal raisin

Grandpa’s cookies. Grandpa kept a tidy house and lived by himself for thirty-some years after Grandma died.  I only knew his place as Grandpa’s place, because my grandmother died years before I was born. He kept his place neat, tidy, and in order. There were not a lot of toys at his house, but we had fun playing with the spools and the colored blocks he kept on the bottom shelf of the library table. … Read more

Shoo Fly Cake

shoo fly

Shoo fly cake. This a great breakfast cake or dessert for any meal. It favors its sister, shoo fly pie, but it doesn’t have the crust on the bottom. Both the pie and the cake have a combination of brown sugar and molasses for the sweetener. Flies are attracted to this, and in pioneer day when pies were put outside to cook, flies found their way quickly to enjoy the feast. Hence the term “Shoo, … Read more

Apple Oatmeal Bars

apple oatmeal bar

Apple Oatmeal Bars  It’s a new recipe for me. On a whim, I tried this recipe. I had some extra apples that needed to be eaten or used up, and it’s just that time of year when apple-anything is good. This recipe is a keeper and I’ll be using it a lot! There’s a crumb bottom  – of which some crumbs are reserved for the top. There’s a second layer – the apples. The third layer … Read more

Peach Dumplings

peach dumplings

Peach dumplings. You can make these with a sauce or without a sauce. You can use a pie crust or the recipe below, which includes milk in the mix.  Serve the dumplings with ice cream, with milk, or plain. Decrease the sugar in the sauce if it’s too sweet.  Add the nutmeg the recipe calls for or just leave it out. You can peel the peaches or leave the peelings on.  You get to choose. … Read more

Quick Cobbler

This is one of my favorite desserts. It’s also easy. And simple. And good.  I came across this recipe thirty years ago when I was searching frantically for a simple, easy dessert for out-of-town guests.  I decided to try this one, and it immediately became a keeper.  The kids like it because it’s just plain tasty and good. I like it because it’s so simple to put together, and it always ends up looking as … Read more