Honey Dinner Rolls

honey dinner rolls

Honey dinner rolls add a little extra oomph to your dinner. These rolls are fluffy, yet a little sturdier than regular dinner rolls. I suppose that’s because of the honey, eggs, and milk in the dough. The original recipe calls for scalding the milk first, but I don’t. I have a feeling this recipe originally came from someone who used raw cow’s milk. I do, however, heat the milk with the butter and honey; that … Read more

Communion (Unleavened) Bread

communion bread

  This communion bread is unleavened bread. Unleavened bread is made without yeast. For information about this, you can click here. That means that it is made without yeast. Jewish people spent time before the Passover getting rid of any leaven in their dwellings. Leaven symbolized sin. They needed to have their homes free from sin. The bread that was served at the Passover meal was unleavened. This actually goes back to the Exodus, when … Read more

Whole Wheat Buttermilk Bread

buttermilk bread

This buttermilk whole wheat bread is a new recipe for me, but I will be making it often. If you love wheat bread, you’ll like this recipe. The buttermilk and eggs in the recipe give it an added texture and protein. My family enjoys this bread, which can be sliced and put into the freezer for later use. Use it a few slices at a time or defrost the entire loaf for dinner a week … Read more

Apple Cake

apple cake

This apple cake is actually a cross between a cake and a bread. It’s the perfect dish to take when you’ve been asked to bring a finger food. Not too rich and not too sweet, it blends both fruit and protein into a moist cake. We served this recently at a church Christmas dinner to go along with our theme. It was indeed a hit! The recipe makes two cakes, so you can serve one … Read more

Challah Bread

challah bread

Challah bread is a special bread in Jewish cuisine, usually braided and typically eaten on ceremonial occasions such as Sabbath and major Jewish holidays (other than Passover).  We served this in December when we had a special meal at church celebrating the birth of Jesus. Even though we recognize that orthodox Jews do not celebrate Christmas, we wanted to serve authentic Jewish food, so Challah bread was included in the menu. You’ll mix your dough … Read more