Autumn is Here

Autumn is Here!

autumn road
 Fall tells the same story all over again,
Bursting with fire, wind, laughter, and rain;
Enchanting in colors of orange and brown,
Aglow in the splendor of leaves falling down.
  autumn one leaf
I hear her still calling, haphazardly so,
To the Scarlets and Maples, to have them let go.
And again at this season, the best of the year,
I’m alive in creation, for Autumn in here!
auturmn trees
Gertrude M. Slabach, circa 1981
One day in a writing class, the instructor read portions of stories and poetry from different writers.
She asked us to write down words we heard that struck a chord in us.
When that was done, she told us to take those words and write a poem or vignette, using those words.
This poem is the result of that writing exercise in 1981 at WVU in Morgantown, WV.