When God Doesn’t Take Us the Shortest Way

shortest way

The Shortest Way The Israelites begged God for 430 years to let them get out of Egypt. Through a myriad of events, God caused the King to finally send them away – out of that land, heading toward the Promised Land, some 220-250 miles total. With 600,000 men (not counting women, children, or animals) we know that line had to stretch for mil,es. It was a direct shot from Egypt to Canaan, but God didn’t … Read more

Chicken Potato Chowder

chicken potato chowder

Chicken and Potatoes This chowder is hearty and healthy. The best part is that you get to add seasonings to your heart’s content. Use the seasonings your family likes and skip the ones they’d rather do without. You can add more cheese – or less. Stock for the chowder The best way to make this is to use your own stock. That means you cook a chicken – or parts of a chicken – in … Read more

See You in the Morning!

see you in the morning

Waiting for Morning Ten years ago, (January 9, 2010), my mama went to Heaven. Some days it seems like it’s been forever, and some days not. There are days I wish I could hear her voice just one more time. Picking up the phone to call her settled me. When life was in a turmoil, I didn’t have to tell her what was troubling me; just hearing her voice made me feel safe and secure. … Read more

Get Me to the Church on Time!

church on time

But then, what is “on time”?. Does getting to church on time matter? Is it really important? And then, what is “on time”? If we arrive just in time to slide into the pew before the opening, is that on time? Are we really late if we arrive after the opening has begun? What constitutes being on time? When we answer those questions, we’ll have a gauge for the time we want to arrive in … Read more

Easy 1,2,3 Chicken Rice Casserole

chicken rice

Chicken Rice Casserole This easy chicken rice dish is quite versatile. While it calls for three kinds of soup, you can mix and match whatever you like. If your family is into mushrooms, add golden mushroom soup for one of your canned soups. If you prefer to steer away from cream of celery, just use a different soup instead. I’ve used chicken leg quarters, chicken thighs, and chicken breasts for this chicken rice dish. You … Read more