Mandrakes for Sex – and Why One Wife is Best

one wife is best

Jacob’s wives: when one wife is best. Jacob had two wives – but he had twelve sons born of four women. Two of the women were the servant girls of his wives. These girls were “given” to him to provide children for the actual wives. Did they realize that one wife is best? The story line tells us that two sisters were given to Jacob as wives one week apart. Jacob worked seven years for … Read more

Rice Krispie Treats

rice krispie treats

Rice Krispie Treats Rice Krispie treats are a favorite of kids. The thing that’s fun about this recipe is that you can make it seasonal. Sprinkle red and green, red or pink valentines, or shamrocks in with the mixture and you’ve got an instant seasonal dessert. When you’ve got Rice Krispie cereal or marshmallows in abundance, use them up in this recipe. It’s best to use fresh marshmallows, but I confess I’ve pulled some out … Read more

Forgiveness is ≠ Trust – Lessons from Joseph


Forgiveness ≠ Trust Forgiveness is not trust. Trust usually comes later, when true restoration takes place. When you forgive someone, it does not mean you trust or respect them. And, while “love covers a multitude of sins,” trust doesn’t. Here’s why. Forgiveness breaks the chains of pain, anger, bitterness, and revenge. Forgiveness wipes the slate clean for what happened in the past. It does not harbor ill will or attempt to bring up past wrongs. … Read more

Parenting – “Look at My Eyes”

look at my eyes

Avoiding looking in the eyes. Whether we’re adults or we’re kids, when we don’t want to deal with what is happening, we avoid eye contact. When we’re upset, hurt, or acting a lie, we don’t want to look someone in the eyes. We shift away, turn our face, or look someplace else. Sound familiar? My kids used to do that. I’d start giving instructions for a job that was to be done, and the kid … Read more

Pecan Pie Muffins

pecan pie muffins

Easy muffins If you love nuts and you love muffins, you’ll enjoy this recipe for pecan pie muffins. I discovered it on a blog from an Amish woman, Lovina. The link for her blog is at the end of this post. You might enjoy following her and learning more about her world. I have decreased the amount of sugar in the original recipe. I wonder if oatmeal could be added to the mix, but I … Read more