Easy Pumpkin Torte

pumpkin torte

Easy Pumpkin Torte. It is pumpkin time! For the next month, anything pumpkin is bound to be considered in season. If you want something other than pumpkin pie, try this easy pumpkin torte. For this recipe, ginger snap cookie crumbs give a zing to the crust. You can use graham crackers instead – or you can mix the two together if you’d rather not have as much zing. This easy pumpkin torte is a four-layer … Read more

How to Know Who is in Charge – You or Your Child

who is in charge

Subtle ways we delegate who is in charge I saw “who is in charge” with a little gal a few weeks ago. The conversation I struck up with a two-something miss while waiting in the check-out lane in Walmart was heart-warming. She was cute as a button and friendly as could be. Her father placed items on the belt as the cashier scanned and bagged them. Little Miss was happily chomping on some Cheetos while … Read more

How Daniel Got Ready for the Lion’s Den – Taking a Stand

taking a stand

Starting young in taking a stand. Daniel was a young man when he was taken from home – with other friends – and became a prisoner in a foreign, enemy land. The king had a plan for these people, and he wanted the fairest, the finest, the strongest, and the smartest to serve him. To do that, he had to get them ready. This is what the storyline tells us: Then the king ordered Ashpenaz, … Read more

Blueberry Tart (Blueberry Lemon Galette)

blueberry tart

Flaky blueberry goodness The other Sunday when hot summer temperatures disappeared for the day, we ate lunch on the deck. A fresh blueberry tart was on the menu – and was it ever filled with buttery, flaky berry sweetness! I could not get enough of this goodness, so it’s good there was just enough to go around. No substitutions in this blueberry tart! There is nothing like the goodness of a buttery pastry that is … Read more

Counting Gains Instead of Losses

counting gains

Today I’ll count my blessings, for the harvest time is near and the pumpkins and the corn shocks remind us all November’s here. I can sit among the weary, Count my troubles and my foes; I can look around, about me be like Job’s wife, or be like Job. So I look around, about me Find the blessings that I see and I list them, one by one, starting with one, then two, then three. … Read more