The Problem with the Empty Room

empty room

Cleaning out the Rooms Jesus taught us much about healthy living and habits. If we pay attention to His words, we can learn how to develop good habits and stay whole. In one of His discourses, He explained the temptations we face from past experiences and sins. He explained the spirit world. If we understand this principle, we can find victory in the areas in which we so desperately struggle. The point of the story is … Read more

Sweet Potato Bake

A “sweet” potato dish. This sweet potato bake is a great addition to a spring or Easter meal. My family especially enjoys this dish at Thanksgiving and Christmas, but it works great anytime. If you want something festive for an occasion, try this dish. You can make it ahead of time and bake it the day you’re serving guests. Cooked sweet potatoes spruced up with nutmeg and other additions make this an easy entree to … Read more

On Not Being ALL Things to Your Kids by Teaching Them to Wait

hurts me more than it hurts you

The Goal Any mom who is serious about being a good mother struggles with this. She wants to be available to her children; she wants them to know they can depend on her and trust her.  Every child needs to feel secure and settled. No child should be lonely or afraid, so moms cave in to whims and requests even when they themselves are busy. Moms want their kids to feel significant and important. These … Read more

False Teachers – Wells Without Water

false teacher

False Teachers. It’s a tough call, I know. Plus, it’s hard to call someone a false teacher when, in the past, they have spoken and taught truth. Peter, a disciple of Christ, wrote his second letter to believers – and that includes us. He had a warning about false teachers. Their teaching can be subtle or blatant. As followers of Christ, it is our responsibility to test what people teach with the  Word. If what … Read more

Cabbage and Broccoli

cabbage and broccoli

Cabbage and Broccoli – good for our Bodies Cabbage and broccoli are both healthy vegetables. They are good for our bowels and good for our bones. Both of them give us roughage as well as other benefits. Low-calorie vegetables rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, the combination is colorful and tasty. Eating these veggies is a win-win for us.  I’m not a fan of over-cooked cabbage and I’ve never, ever, been won over by sauerkraut, … Read more