Honey Sesame Chicken

honey sesame chicken

There are several things I like about this recipe. For starters, it’s delicious. Dave told me the other week that this is a musty recipe. It must be on the menu at least once a week. Well now, I haven’t quite made it that often, but it’s a keeper. Another thing I like about this recipe is that it can be done in stages. I’ve drowned and dredged double the recipe of chicken and then fried … Read more

Parenting – and the Things You’re Doing Right


The Toughness of Parenting When it seems like things are awry and you can’t seem to get it together as a parent, there are some things you can do. Instead of listening to big or little people voices telling you how poorly you’re doing as a parent, listen to facts instead. No parent, no matter how hard he tries, can be all things to his kids all the time. In their small, immature minds, kids … Read more

A Photo of Faith


Hanging next to the picture window in the living room was an old picture, painted on glass. Two trees stood alone and forlorn at the edge of a wood. The view outside the window held hundreds of trees. Some tall, some short. Maples. Oak trees. Walnut trees, and others. I sat in a chair facing that window one dreary, rainy day when I was a child. I looked at the picture and then out the window.    … Read more

Apple Dip

apple dip

Apple Dip! Apples are a part of the autumn season – as well as good for any time of the year. Because an apple a day keeps the doctor away.    This apple dip is such an easy recipe and fits the bill for simple, easy, and delightful to serve. In addition to apples, you need three other ingredients: cream cheese, brown sugar, and vanilla. As with any sweet treat, you can control the amount of … Read more

Bullying and Working Things Out


The Bullied I watched from the pew with my mother as a young boy practiced walking with crutches. The little guy in the right hand corner of the church had new crutches and needed more practice before he mixed in with a crowd of kids. His parents expected him to walk up the aisle on his crutches without assistance when it was time to be dismissed for children’s meeting, and they deliberately arrived early so … Read more