Resurrection Rolls (Or Empty Tomb Rolls)

The why behind the Resurrection rolls. The first time I made these rolls was the evening I had kids in a class at church. It was Easter time, and I wanted the kids to grasp an understanding of the surprise the women received when they came to the tomb, found the stone rolled back and the tomb empty. When you’re teaching kids who get no Bible teaching at home and the only thing they know … Read more

The Consequence of No Consequences


The Problem. When there are no consequences for misbehavior, there’s a problem. Sadly, the problem is more with the parent than the child. It is rare to find a child who will deliver his own consequence for poor behavior. If a child isn’t going to do it, then who is? Whose responsibility is it? I remember days of frustration when I’d lament to Dave about a certain child (or more than one) who had caused … Read more

He Calculates the Dust

A Blob of Dough Once a week, Mama called our names one-by-one, announcing the time to get up to help her in the bakery. It was always dark outside – and gloomy, I thought. Our job was to help weigh the dough and make bread rolls – eight rolls for each pound of dough. The sooner we got the job done, the sooner we could head back to bed, only to be called forty minutes … Read more

Naomi’s Cinnamon Rolls

cinnamon rolls

 A Twist of a Cinnamon Roll The cinnamon roll recipe and design Cinnamon rolls are always a treat, especially for kids. And for adults. Well, they’re a treat for anybody! My friend Naomi is a mom of eight – six girls and two boys. Would you say that means plenty of help in the kitchen?! Naomi has a unique twist of a cinnamon roll, and she kindly offers her recipe and photos to help you … Read more

Easter Family Traditions

Easter traditions

The best reason for traditions The Easter story is the greatest story ever told, and the empty tomb the greatest symbol! Its emptiness reminds us that the One we worship is no longer dead. There is no grave to visit and no monument because He rose after three days of darkness and is alive. What greater cause for celebration can there be for the Christian?! How should we celebrate Easter? Better yet, what can we do … Read more