Best Garlic Sweet Dill Pickles

tartar sauce

The Best Pickles You will love these garlic sweet dill pickles because they are the best! The flavor of garlic with dill is awesome. They’re great on grilled burgers, ham and cheese sandwiches, or in chicken salad. Oh yes, they’re pretty good just by themselves – which is why an opened jar never lasts long at my house. Not only are they delicious, they’re also soooo easy to do. We’re talking the usual sugar, vinegar, … Read more

A Red Sea of Our Own – Guest Post

red sea

While cleaning out bookshelves this summer, I came across the 2009 Bull Bay Review Young Author Anthology of Virginia. Published by the Writers Studio of South Boston, Virginia, it contains writings of five poets and authors chosen by three judges. Flipping through the pages, I found an essay written by our daughter. Rebekah was a high school freshman and fifteen years old when she wrote this essay in 2008. It has been fifteen years since … Read more

5 Tips for a Screen Free Summer – Guest Post

screen free

I found this post recently and wanted to kick up my heels, even though I was reading from my recliner. I’m a huge of fan of families living with limits on electronics and being screen free. Molly Defrank has kindly given me permission to share this. This gal is a mom and foster mom to five kids.  Follow her at This post was written for and first published on I realize summer is … Read more

Italian Pasta Salad Delight

This is a perfect summer pasta salad. I first had it about four years ago, and figured many of my readers didn’t see this recipe when I first posted it. So here it is – again. At a delightful birthday  luncheon hosted by a friend this past week, each guest was asked to bring a side dish to serve. Marlene was one of the guests, and she brought this dish. When I asked her for … Read more

Parenting: Being the Thermostat Instead of the Thermometer

be the thermostat

Similar but Different Both thermostats and thermometers indicate weather and temperatures, yet they are completely different. A thermometer measures and indicates temperature. A thermostat regulates temperature and can set off equipment at a certain temperature. The purpose of a thermostat is to maintain temperature at a desired setting. We do this in our  homes daily when we adjust the controls for heat or air. We turn that knob up or down depending on whether it’s too … Read more