Another Birthday in Heaven

happy-birthday-purpleToday is my mama’s birthday. This is her seventh birthday in Heaven.

They say SEVEN is the perfect number, but this doesn’t feel perfect to me.

How can something be perfect if it isn’t complete?

How can something be complete if it is missing a part?

How can missing someone continue year after year?

How can the years continue like they do?

What is it about hearing your mother’s voice or remembering her smile that makes you feel everything is alright if she is there?

Like the sun and the moon, our parents have been there since before we were born. That is why the world turns more slowly when they are gone.

That one anchor, that one surety, is gone.

The missing never stops.

The pain lessons, the hole left behind becomes patched, of sorts.

But missing someone dear who is in Heaven? The missing? It never completely stops. . . . ., but that’s okay.

You know what? That’s okay.

That’s what Heaven is for.

When I miss her, I remember:

Integrity and exemplary honesty.

Willing work without a cause for shirking.

Steadfast courage from an unshakeable foundation.

Steadiness and trust in God during uncertainties.

Unwavering love even when loving brought heartache and pain.

Most of all, I remember her faith that stood the test of crossing over Jordan.

Happy Birthday in Heaven, Mama.

One day, I will cross that River. I will see you There!




Each November, my sisters and I celebrate our mama’s birthday in one fashion or another.  There is always hickory nut cake – her favorite.  To get that recipe and read the story behind the cake, click here.









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