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An Omer at The Last Supper – Devotional #5

There is no right or wrong way to study the Bible; yet following a pattern can help us find gold in the stories. Finding these treasures will help us apply truth to our own lives. An omer was a biblical unit of measure for dry grain. During their wilderness travels, an omer of manna was God’s provision for each person each day.

last supperPassover

During Passover week, Jesus plans to eat the Passover meal with His disciples. He gives them instructions on the place He has chosen. When everything is ready, the disciples gather around Jesus for this meal. They have no idea this is their “last supper” with Jesus. He uses the evening to tell them about His death and resurrection and to institute a new covenant: symbolized by Communion. 

During the course of the evening, Jesus tells His disciples that one of them will betray Him. It’s not possible, they think. Yet it’s true. He fingers the guilty one when He says, “The one who dipped his hand with me in the dish will betray Me.” Judas, feigning innocence, asks, “Is it I?” Jesus acknowledges that he is the one.

last supperThe Last Supper and First Communion

Jesus breaks bread to serve to the disciples. He tells them, “This bread symbolizes my body.” 

Next He takes the cup, gives thanks, and tells them to drink because “this is My blood which is given for you.”

It is a sobering time. The disciples are clueless to the symbols. Later, they will remember, but for now, they participate without understanding.

In sharing the bread and the cup, Jesus institutes Communion. This is why we celebrate Communion. It is an outward symbol of an inner transformation and relationship with Jesus Christ, our Redeemer and Savior.

Without the brokenness and shedding of blood, there would not be forgiveness for sin. The ground is level at the cross. 

last supperWhat it means Today

You can read the story here and here. What does this story mean for us, today?

For your journaling ~

What is the setting?  A room – an upper room – in the house of an unnamed man where the Passover meal is served to the disciples and Jesus.

Who is speaking?   Jesus

Who is it spoken to?  The disciples – all 12 of them

What vessel is to be used? A cup with “wine”, symbolizing Jesus’ blood

What action is to be taken? The disciples were to drink all of it

What is the result?  Each disciple participated – including the one who would betray Him and the one who would deny Him.

What is the omer of His goodness (provision) in this story? The blood of Jesus provides forgiveness and redemption. 

Journal: Does this story remind you of feeling loved by your heavenly Father? What does the ‘pouring out’ symbolize? What is He asking you to partake of or to ‘drink’ so you can be a part of His suffering?

last supper



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