On Air Travel – and Boarding Airplanes

boarding airplanes

The Missing Airline

I am still waiting to find the airline that allows passengers to board in order of their seating, beginning with those who will be seated in the rear of the plane instead of beginning with those who will be seated in the front. Every time I fly, I wonder why no airline is doing this.

I mentioned this to a stewardess while boarding the other week.

She replied, “Exactly! I don’t know why we can’t!”

It was the same response I’ve received from other stewardesses on different airlines when I’ve mentioned it in the past. I keep suggesting it and I keep getting the same responses, so I think that means I’m on to something.

First Class versus Other Class

Certainly, I understand why elderly folks and those with small children need extra time to board and get settled. After First Class, elderly, and families with children have found their seats, it seems to me that it would make sense to begin boarding those passengers who will be seated in the back of the plane.

It has nothing to do with rank, title, or the cost of the seat. It has everything to do with making boarding airplanes easier and more efficient instead of harder, more frustrating,  and more time consuming.

boarding airplanes
You see how long this is taking?!

When groups one and two board, those in group three wait in line. Group three comes on the plane and has to wait for the folks in group one and two to finish putting their luggage in the overhead bins. Group three can’t continue until those in groups one and two are seated. When there is room for group three, those passengers hoist their luggage in the overhead bins while group four waits in the aisles of the plane until they can get through to the back of the plane.

I understand why folks who pay for First Class seats don’t want to wait to board.  Admittedly, sometimes from the looks that the First Class passengers give to other boarders,  one would wonder why they don’t sit out in the terminal and wait so they don’t have to have all those lower class folks pass their seats!

Efficiency and Comfort

For the rest of us, boarding and getting buckled could be streamlined if we’d board in order of our seating beginning with those assigned to the back of the plane instead of the front.

I wonder which airline will be first to give this plan a try?


boarding airplanes

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