A Glass Half Full

half full

There’s an age-old way to think about the way my heart should rule:

Is the glass I hold half-empty — or will I claim it as half-full?

It doesn’t change the content, but it will transform me

When I look — not at my troubles — but at the blessings that I see.

half full

I’d rather be with someone who has a glass that is half-full

half-empty attitude — goodness, that is so un-cool.

So today I’ll count my blessings (I suspect that’ll make folks glad!)

Instead of griping and complaining about the things I wish I had.

half full

Then when this day is over, gone will be the devil’s lies

IF I’ve watched and counted blessings – I think  I will be surprised!

When I am tempted to start to worry, to fret or to complain

I’ll refuse to count the things I’ve lost, and thank God for things I’ve gained.

half full

It doesn’t change my troubles, but it surely changes me

When I praise Him for the things He’s given so abundantly.

Yes.  The glass is not half-empty; instead, I claim it as half-full.

And I think this half-full attitude is really, really cool.

half full

 With a half-full attitude, the measure keeps climbing up

As I count my blessings and add them, drop by drop, into my cup.

Then the miracle happens – and it defeats the devil’s ploy!

For I find my cup half-empty is running over with Joy.

half full

How about it.  Is your glass half-empty or is it half-full?  Better yet, can you add your blessings, drop by drop, into your cup?  Let it run over with Joy!



half full

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