A Children’s Book – Firgy the Evergreen Tree

FirgyAbout the book

Firgy is a book geared for kids – probably ages 6 or older. It’s a story of an evergreen tree who watches the leaves of other trees change in the fall. He wants to be like those trees, but he is not.

Firgy has conversations with God about why he is so different. Winter comes, and he discovers that his branches provide shelter and nourishment for many during the severe weather. 

This story will help children understand how each of us is created for a purpose. They will learn that God has a plan for every child and every adult. This book would make a great Christmas gift, and you can order it on Amazon

This is what Amazon says about the book:

Firgy the Evergreen Tree is a charming little tale about a Christmas evergreen that learns of his purpose in life and how he makes a difference. The story of Firgy will capture the hearts and eyes of people everywhere, long after the last page has been read.

The author and illustrator of Firgy

I learned to know Michael when I helped care for his wife in her last weeks of life. I helped provide childcare for his son and daughter when he continued to work after Chryssa went to Heaven. Then Michael met a lovely young mother and widow. Following their marriage, he (and his kids) moved to North Carolina. 

I’ve known Nathan for several years. He’s a fine, polite young man and is gifted in many areas. He also pours himself into the lives of youngsters. We are blessed to have him in this community. Nathan never said a word to us about this project, but when I heard about it, I ordered a book!  I’m happy I’ll be able to get his autograph. 

Merry Christmas

If you’re looking for a unique gift for a child this Christmas, I recommend this book. Remember, Jesus is the real reason for this season!

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