Re-emptying My Pockets


A Pockets Sort of Day It had been a dreary autumn day. The rain had fallen continually and its dampness had permeated not only my body but also my soul. As we sat down to eat supper that evening, the kids seemed oblivious to my mood as they talked about their day and the fun times at school. They didn’t care that homework wasn’t done, that leaf piles had become mountains in the yard, and … Read more

Choosing a Boy or some Bucks – and Eternity


Ah, yes.  It seems that winter is finally over. “The flowers appear on the earth.  The noise of the turtle is heard in the land.  And the time of the singing of birds has come.” [Song of Solomon 2:11 & 12] Each spring the feeling of coming out of hibernation is prevalent.  Especially after the ice storms of this winter, all of Halifax County welcomes spring!  After all, when the winter is (hopefully) over, and … Read more

Pocket Treasures

One by one I pull out the items I’ve collected through the day. If these pockets of mine could speak, they’d sure have a lot to say. I’ve found a little girl’s comb, a safety pin, and the picture someone drew, making me grin. There’s a rubber band, a paper airplane, and the grocery receipt still wet from the rain. I’ve got a broken pencil, a spool of thread, and the needle I used to … Read more

How Important is Passing the Baton?

run the race

Passing the Baton We were on our feet, ready to begin cheering. Stationed around the track were several teams with four different runners on each team. The annual Halifax County Elementary School Olympics was underway. A school’s fastest runner is not always an honor roll student. In this way, the Elementary Olympics gives some students an opportunity for the recognition they would not otherwise receive. Students from schools in the county compete against each other in the … Read more

What I Learned from Cherry Pits and Piggy Banks

Cherry Pits and Piggy Banks The Boy He loved Pepsi, pancakes, cookies, and apple pie. He disliked naps, peas, and bedtime.  Most definitely, he did not like church.  In fact, he told us with a four-year-old’s directness that he hated church.  He would say so every Saturday night and again on Sunday morning. “Why does it take so long?  How long will it take ’til it’s over?” Though he enjoyed Sunday School, he dreaded the … Read more