7 things God hates

7 Things God Hates – Summary

7 things God hatesThe Background from Proverbs

For the last seven weeks, we have looked at the 7 things God hates. When I study the Bible, I like to divide chapters into sections and make notes on each section. At the end of each chapter, I write my summary of what the chapter says to me.

In this section of scripture, Proverbs tell us the 7 Things God Hates. We have looked at each one of them individually. Now it’s time to put them together and figure out the core issue of them all. What is it about these 7 things that God hates so much that results in the book of Proverbs listing them individually? What is the danger in ignoring these 7 things if any one of them shows up in our lives? Where does God want us to go from here – now that we know more specifically what He really hates?

The summary of it all

All 7 things God hates are listed in Proverbs and have their root cause in evil and wickedness. We should not be surprised.

Some of the 7 things God hates are things that we do and that can be seen by others. These include pride and arrogance, lying, and murder. The other sins are ones that cannot be seen readily, because they are part of our minds and our hearts. Scheming and sowing discord can be so subtle that it is not easily noticed by others. Sometimes the result of our schemes and our sowing is not noticed or recognized until months or years later. Our focus is not always evident to others, but God sees. He knows our hearts and understands our schemes. He hates evil, lies, discord, scheming, manipulating, conniving, arrogance, hate, and murder.

The 7 things God hates is not man’s list. It is God’s. He hates these because they are against His nature. God is not focused on making our lives miserable or on working against us, but when we choose to defy what He has commanded, we are choosing to work against Him.

The last word about the Word

Being a child of God does not preclude us from any of the 7 things God hates. As Christian, we do well to measure our hearts by the Word and ask God to show us if we are guilty of any of these.

To think to ourselves, “Oh, I couldn’t be guilty of any of the things God hates!” puts us in a precarious situation. It is also prideful, one of the 7 things God hates! Of course, we can be guilty of them – why else would His Word warn against them?

Use this list as a gauge. Check your heart and your attitude. Understand what each one of these entails, then measure yourself with God’s standard instead of your own.

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