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7 Things God Hates A False Witness Who Speaks Lies #6

false witnessWhat God Hates.

Proverbs tells us that God hates a false witness that speaks lies. In the book of Proverbs, Solomon writes about wisdom, prudence, understanding, and how to live. He specifically mentions six things God hates, actually seven that are detestable to Him.

As a child and even as I grew older, I assumed those things were not something of which a Christian could be guilty. For God hates sin, and those of us who belong to Him could not possibly be guilty of doing or being something He hates! Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Recently, I decided to take a close look at all seven of these things. I’ve read this scripture every year for the past dozen years. Yet, I never dug deep under the soil of these verses to find what is hidden there. Join me on this seven-week journey to learn more about the things God hates – and why.

false witnessA false witness

The ninth commandment deals with one of the seven things that God hates. A false witness is guilty of a deliberate, chosen action to testify against someone when he knows the information given is not true.

Sometimes, we inadvertently tell a lie or choose on the spur of the moment to lie about something (which is wrong). A false witness goes beyond that and even deeper than a lie. The person makes a conscious choice to deliberately give information that is incorrect. The motive is also wrong. Here we have heart emotion and will action that are wrong. Not only do we lie, we intend to lie for the specific purpose of making someone else look wrong when they are not.

A false witness is wrong

No matter what circumstances we face, it is wrong to misrepresent the truth. When we deliberately choose to misrepresent the truth, we are a witness that is false. God hates a false witness that tells lies. Don’t forget that, and don’t be a part of Satan’s plan to twist truth into falsehood. Check your heart for motive and you will find that the temptation to be false will disappear. Be a part of God’s plan and be a champion for Truth.

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