Death by Friendly Fire – and a Battle Plan

  Death by Friendly Fire is an Embarrassment. Yet that was God’s  battle plan. This story gets me every time. It was a brilliant military move and one that only God could orchestrate. One of the things about this true event that I’ve always wondered about is who cleaned up all those broken pitchers (jars). […]

When Parents Are Failing

Parents who fail. That’s what this blog is about. Written by my blogger friend Rosina Schmucker, it is real and raw. When we view someone else’s parenting, do we sit over, sit out, or sit beside them? Rosina blogs at What do you do when you think your friends are failing at parenting? Of course, it’s easy […]

Sour Cream Twists

The Tradition Every family has its special food that is served at gatherings. Sometimes the food is a long-held tradition, and sometimes a new one is started. I’ve made these sour cream twists myself, but not nearly as often as my sister Alice has made them. She and her husband stopped in to visit us […]

Why Respect for My Husband Has To Be Earned – or Does It?

  A Stranger Noticed My Respect The sun was streaming the day I pulled into the small town north of us and hopped out, ready to drive the new (to us) 15-passenger van home. Dave was there waiting for me, and he handed me the keys. We chatted for a few minutes and then Dave […]

How to Help Your Child Be a Daniel in School

No matter where your child goes to school, he can learn to be a Daniel. No matter who your child’s peers or friends are, there will be peer pressure. Whether your child is in homeschool, private school, church school, or public school, there will be peer pressure. We see it, not only in families and […]

Energy Bites

Energy bites.  A quick pick-me-up when you need a nutritious and easy snack. Mix the basic ingredients and then add your own variations. Oatmeal, peanut butter, and honey are the core ingredients. Add chocolate chips, raisins, almonds, flax seed, and anything else you’d like. Roll into balls and put onto a tray in the refrigerator […]

Three Things I Love About Being an Anabaptist

Beginning and Belonging as an Anabaptist When you belong somewhere, you are home. That’s why I appreciate not only my Anabaptist heritage, but my current experience as well. I think Anabaptists have a special niche that many other church groups do not experience. This is my perspective, and I’m allowed to have it, of course. […]

Encouraging Moms and Passing it On

What to do with a kid’s tantrum tears I wheeled my cart to the front of the store and waited for the mom in front of me to finish putting her items on the conveyer belt.  Seated in the cart was a toddler, probably two or three years of age. She was a blond pixie, […]

Homemade Tartar Sauce

Homemade Tartar Sauce There’s nobody that likes my homemade tartar sauce better than my husband Dave.  We don’t eat fish as often as we should, and I’m trying to incorporate it into our menus on a more regular basis. When I serve fish, Dave thinks he has to have tartar sauce. He says he’s never […]

Searching for Treasure

Treasure Time The kids could hardly wait until it was time. They’d watched us spread out the wood shavings on the lawn. Then they stayed to watch us toss pennies, nickels, and dimes into the shavings. Finally, it was time. At the end of the count, the kids swooped down onto the pile of wood […]