Forgiving Without Forgetting

forgiving without forgetting

It’s impossible to truly forget. That’s why we need to work on forgiving without forgetting. Our minds store events of years past – and we cannot completely obliterate those memories forever. Certainly, we often forget events of the past; yet, photos, fragrances, or someone else’s memories will bring those back to the forefront. We might have forgotten about an incident (whether pleasant or unpleasant), but it can still be brought to mind in unexpected ways. … Read more

Pumpkin Lush Dessert

pumpkin lush

Pumpkin Lusciousness. You’ll find it in this pumpkin lush dessert. For those of you who love all things pumpkin, this dessert needs to be added to your recipe stash of all things scrumptious. My friend Bethany made this as one of the desserts we served at a rehearsal dinner a week ago. It was a hit! (But then, anything Bethany makes is a hit – which is why I knew I couldn’t go wrong when … Read more

Why I Stayed Out of the Woods

out of the woods

Safer Out of the Woods I stayed out of the woods because I knew it was the safest place to be. I did this mostly for me, myself, and mine. That’s because there are some places where it’s safer for me if I just stay away. I worry less, and my opinions are not heard if I stay away. I won’t say things I regret, and my stomach won’t get tied in knots. When a … Read more

Too Busy to See the Need

too busy

Too busy for “little dogs”. The Canaanites were considered “little dogs”. They were a mixed-breed of people and descendants of Canaan, one of Noah’s descendants. They didn’t fit anywhere and were rejected by the Jewish people. Some people referred to them as “half-breed”, which was just as bad as being called a little dog. One day a Canaanite woman approached Jesus as he was surrounded by a crowd of people. She wanted healing for her … Read more