The Best Part About the Eclipse

The Eclipse Does Not Make Your Eyeballs Fall Out “You can’t watch the solar eclipse,” the seven-year-old told me. “It can make you blind.” “It can be safe if you do it right, and dangerous if you don’t do it right,” I replied. “You can become blind if you don’t do it right.” “I  know,” […]

How Beauty Comes from Pain

The fragrance from crumpled petals. It wasn’t my church, and it wasn’t my people, but a friend told me what happened that Sunday after church. Half a century later, I still remember. I remember the beauty that came from the fragrance of crumpled petals. Beauty from pain! The older lady stopped to speak to a group […]

Oatmeal Cookies

  I pulled out this recipe a few weeks ago and made it (with the help of some foster kids living with us). I forgot how good these cookies are. It looks like I’ll be making these more often, for Dave comes in and grabs a half dozen every time he heads out the door. […]

A Wedding Bible Tradition

Apologizing Second Instead of First

Apologizing is easier if the other party goes first. When I walked into the kitchen that morning, it was apparent that I’d need a knife to cut through the air. Two boys seated at two different tables. Each boy had his own bowl, spoon, and cereal on the table and a gallon of milk. Two […]

Chicken Spaghetti Noodle with Cream Sauce

Adding Variety After having fresh garden tomatoes every day this week, skillet lasagna and pizza the last week, and Sloppy Joes another day, I was ready for something without hamburger or tomatoes. So I improvised from a recipe and came up with this one. ‘Only problem is, I’m not sure what to call it because the original […]

Focus: What I Learned About Life From Mopping a Floor

Focus Your Face to the Clean When our kids were small, they had to learn how to sweep and mop a floor. You begin at one end of the room (the farthest corner away) and then work your way backward. You always face the part that is clean. Then you can see if you missed […]

A Man of the Hour

Yesteryears – A Man of the Hour Yesterday and many yesterdays ago, Clark was a man of the hour. Today, Clark is no longer farming on his farm. He’s in a retirement home and he doesn’t always know his sons. For years, Clark was an auctioneer. He owned four farms and, at different times with […]

Golden Sesame Braid Bread

This Golden Sesame Braid Bread is a festive loaf and is easy to make. Using regular flour (not bread flour), eggs, and milk, it is different than your normal homemade bread. Basic Instructions on Milk in Bread The recipe calls for scalded and then cooled milk. I just warmed mine enough to melt the butter. […]

A Boy’s Gift of Water

Water. A rationed bottle of water for a friend. It has been five years, and she still talks about Rico – the boy who offered his rationed bottled water to her. It was her first time in an international setting with agriculture, a lifestyle that transcends every language, culture, and country. The Virginia Tech team of […]