Fresh Garden Mint Tea

mint tea

Garden Mint Tea Mint tea is a refreshing beverage, whether it’s served hot or cold. In summertime, ice cold garden mint tea adds refreshment. Making mint tea is not difficult – as long as you have some mint! You can make a concentrate if you have plenty of tea. To get started, gather your mint. Beg or borrow from a friend, buy some at a Farmer’s Market, or grow your own in flower beds or … Read more

What Goes in Comes Out

what goes in comes out

It can’t come out if it doesn’t go in. I heard these words often as a child: What goes in, comes out. That’s because our attitudes bred of boredom, anger, or laziness came out in work or in play. When I was a kid at home, there were words I never considered saying because I didn’t hear them. You know what happened. I grew older, became more exposed, and thus my vocabulary increased. Sometimes a … Read more

Why I Make My Bed (Almost) Every Morning

make my bed

Making my bed. I don’t remember having rules about making our beds when I was a kid. My mother’s bed was always made, and she seldom came upstairs to check our rooms. Sometimes the beds got made, and sometimes not. Forming a new habit is easiest if a person does something (or refrains from doing something) every day for a month. This develops a pattern, and that’s what you want. That’s what I did. I made … Read more

Creamy Cucumber Salad

Creamy Cucumber Salad. This cucumber salad is a great way to dress up garden cucumbers! There’s nothing like a cucumber fresh from the garden, washed, peeled and salted for summer flavor. This is cucumber season, so it’s time for this recipe again. I first posted it three years ago, so it’s about time to bring it around again, don’t you think? If you want to spruce it up a little and add some variety to … Read more

A. S. K. – A Way to Pray


Hide-n-Seek One of our kids’ favorite games with their father when they were small was Hide-n-Seek in the house. They had more fun hiding from him and trying to find him when it was his turn to hide. I remember especially the day his two and three year-olds could not find him anywhere in the house. You’d think, as large as he was as an adult, it would be hard to find places to hide. After hunting … Read more