Can a Child Have Too Many Toys?!

too many toys

Yes, but how many are too many?! The child with the fewest toys is the happiest, most creative, and most intuitive. I don’t have any studies to prove this, but I know this to be true beyond the shadow of a doubt. How do I know? Experience and Observation. I don’t have any statistics, but I know I’m right. If you disagree, then prove me wrong. Experience indoors When I was a kid, we had … Read more

Why I Want To Be Like That Little Drummer Boy

Drummer boy – fictional but true. One of my favorite Christmas songs is The Little Drummer Boy.  I used to think this song was for children rather than for adults  because it’s about a young boy. Yet I’ve come to realize that this song is as much for me as it is for kids. It’s message is true – and biblical. Granted, the song is about a fictional character.  The idea that a small boy … Read more

Christmas Sugar Cookies

sugar cookie

Christmas sugar cookies. It is the Christmas season. Sugar cookies are in order, of course. Break out your cookie cutters and mix up a batch of these cookies. This is a recipe that kids can help with because you mix it all by hand. So have at it with your little ones. Mix the wet ingredients together, mix the butter with the flour, and then mix it all together. My mama used to say “Many … Read more

A DIY Color-Coded Calendar for the Entire Family

DIY calendar

DIY Color-Coded Calendar for Family Schedules. With all the electronic gadgets available to us today, why is it still so hard to keep up with a family’s  schedules? One reason is that small children don’t have access to the devices we adults use. Since these gadgets need to be open to specific “pages” for the schedules to be viewed, the information is not easily accessible to everyone at any given time. Children need to learn … Read more



The Harvest, hope, And happiness, that’s Never far away, is Kindling in my soul because Sheer beauty is mine today – and Growing, deep within me are many blessings I can’t ignore – for peace and joy and Vitality are mine today – and they will endure. So In every situation, in storm, or calm of life, it’s                 Not because of what I have – but of the … Read more